With the attempted seige on Radiant Garden foiled by the Louge and the Avengers, Kung Khan, Queen Throx and Su Su Ka Boom are going to have to work a "little" harder to get those who hate Kairi and Spyro on their side in order to restore the Dragon Army to it's former powerful and threating glory and avenge Ke-pa's death. They have manged to get Kevin the Slayer who had been disgraced and humiliated after the events of Coldest Relations on their side while Icy and the Witches who are on a mission to make the windieos kingdom swear alliegence to the Villain Leage/Syndicate of Darkness as well as corrupting Freezion into being competely evil as well as hurting Fluttershy's feelings! So Spyro, Sparx, The Sonic Gang, Bloom and the Avengers set out and prevent another battle of fire and ice from happening.