Since Eagle Beak's disappearence from his trail and is on the loose again back in Eagle Beak's great escape, The Canterlot Council has placed a huge bounty on his head and are determined to hire a powerful bounty hunter to bring him in: Dead or Alive. One Bounty Hunter in particular, an Van Helsing enspired, kung fu fighting ape who's an expert on the powers of S-Ranked Magical chriminals like Eagle Beak named Mangus the Magical Bounty Hunter accepts the job to bring the ex-teacher of Magical University in. When Eagle Beak heard about this, he desides to live in icolation in his hidden lair because he cant go back to the Scourge Empire because that's the first place Mangus will look for him. But Spyro has a plan to make Eagle Beak come out quietly. His youngest good brother, Eagle Talon has been made fully aware of Eagle Beak's crimes during his credability as a villain and that his attempt to counter the return of Nightmare Moon has made him sufffer. However, The Dark Dragon, who greatly destroyed Mangus in one fell swoop, has no intentions to lose the greatest thing to happen to the Scorge Imperials so easily. Eagle-beak returns to the Scourge with no fear of being hunted, and has no interest in his simpleton brother and Spyro's attempt whatsoever.