A view months after the events of Season 14 of the SpongeBob and Friends Chronicles Adventures series, The Shell Louge Squad has evolved from a team of misfit vigilantes to a media adventure team emprie. But unfortunatly, Spyro still misses Kairi. So he leaves the louge with Sparxs to go live in Radiant Guarden with Kairi who is overwhelmed by her duties as Queen. Soon Cynder had became Senitor of the Dragon Realms due to her mother, Quidilian facing retirement and getting premoted to a seat in the Galactic Federation Council with Tri-Corn and the Wonderlandians becoming Cynder's offical senitors and law advisors cause they still see Cynder as their queen. Shen desides to retire as the louge's general of the Shell Lodge Squad and returns to Gongman City with his army, Boss Wolf and Soothsayer to finally take control of his family's ancestral rule of the city. Shenzi and Banzai return to raise a family of their own in the Pridelands far out of reach of Jumanji with Ed as the Uncle. Eventually the other lougers begin to leave, presue their own dreams and return to their lives back in their homeworlds execpt those who stayed behind to give Spongebob support like Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Danny, Jimmy, Timmy, The Madagascar Gang and the Penguins, Shrek and his pals, The Kung Fu Panda group, Mushu, Merlin, Sam, Max, The Digidestined, Devon, Cornwall, Brandy, Whiskers, Lola Boa, Ed the Otter, Batty, Miguel and Tulio. The following months, Spongebob and the louge are doing well as heros and celebirtys bringing oc villains to justice. Sam and Max's team have become media icons, Mushu is now the spokesman of the louge's new soda drink, Merlin and the High Counil are still helping out the louge, Timmy, Jimmy and Danny are in the Louge's founder's council and some of their dreamworks friends become Spongebob's enforcers. Meanwhile the three still existing villain teams are down on their luck. The Villain Leage most of all. Since Lord Cobra's reforming and return to light, Mirage and Master Xehanort's downfall and Chrysalis's Revenge and plan to use Ke-Pa for an new evil villain leage era failing in the most unbelieveable way, Pitch Black the Boogeyman has been elected the new leader by the villain leage council, forcing a devistated Chrysalis to leave the leage untill Cobra returns before Pitch could reason with her. But soon an new evil villain team known as the Syndicate of Darkness appears promising to help the Leage return to their roots, bring back Cobra, Mirage, Xehanort, Malefor and the Darkspawn and give them the one thing they, the Dark Dragon Scourge Empire, Team Nefarious and countless oc villains are after, The Louge's Crown. It is only a matter of time before this new threat restores the leage's dignity and take the fight to the lougers.