A New Chapter in The Lougers's Adventures begins and everything goes back to the way it used to be before Scroop made Season 14 of his Wiki chronicle series pilot episodes of the Louge's Familyship with Kairi the last. But this time The UUniverses now face a newer threat in the form of the Syndicate of Darkness. They have lived up thier promises to the Villain Leage by busting Malefor and his Darkspwan including Mirage, Master Xehanort and Belladona without the powers of the Seven Princesses of Heart allowing Malefor to take charge of the leage and thanking Pitch for ruling it in his absence and brings the escaped darkspawn and nondarkspawn like Bowser Koopa and his family, Discord's brother, Mayhem and Neltharion aka Deathwing together. But Mang is still defending the Valley of Peace with Tyro, Teen Mang, Aqua, Terra and Ventus while Spongebob's group retreat to Radiant Guarden after the leage and syndicate launch an attack on the temple. Pitch finds and locates a still grief stricken and defeated Chrysalis and confinces her to let her love for Lord Cobra go and put the past behind her and turn her rage on the lougers and Kairi for taking everything from her, giving the changling queen the confidence to return to the leage and make the lougers rule and regret the day they took her beloved Cobra form her. SpongeBob, Spyro and Kairi are happily reunited again but nows not a good time for touching reunions right now cause its time to get the other left members of the louge back together again. The Question now is, will they ever return to their lives as members of the team since they return to their lives in their homeworlds and do they want to be lougers again? well, since this is uncannon to Scroopfan's wiki, they never really left, but i diegress.