Vulture-head and the Griffin Council have survived their murders at the hands of Sari, but his efforts to proove to Gilda that he is not is not ignorent or uncaring to Gilda's love for Icky still going nowhere and Spyro is still determined to helo him and  the rest of the griffin council make amends since they heard of his compassion and understanding since his time as the Dragon Realms senitor. So Spyro take Icky and Gilda with him and the GC on a redemption trip in hopes that Gilda and Vulture Head would recouncil their relationship as uncle and neice. But the Chimeras are still up to no good. The Chimera Prince, Bearded Lion Skale, still angered by what the lougers did to his plans to enslave the griffin nation while the confusion went on, now wants to stright up kill Spyro, Icky, Gilda, and all of the Griffin Council while they are exposed. However, Twilight, Spike, Taiku, The Mu Gang and both original and lost elements of hamony have no interest in letting Lion Skale remain a threat to anyone.