Ever since the enitre mess he pulled with Team Nefarious back in The REAL Best Night Ever, Prince Blueblood's been regreating everything he done all because of his jealiouscy of Twilight's asention to Alicornhood and apeaseing the wishes of his averious and greedy cohords and is saved from becoming an empty mentally broken shell of regret and personal pain thanks to Kairi's gift and Midnight Fate's kind words of wisdom. So he descides to make it up to the lougers for causing them all that trouble by spending time with Spyro and Kairi. However, Blueblood's problems are far from over. A centaur named Lord Homo Equite hates Blueblood cause his family was killed during an attack by some Nefarious Troopers, and hired speically trained Harpy Assassins to seek out Blueblood's life. Can Spyro and Company deal with the harpy assasins and show Lord Homo that killing Blueblood would make him no better then the louge's murderous enemies?

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