Aurora Onyx, AKA Mare-Do-Well, is a Unicorn from Equestria who is very powerful, having evenly-matched magic skill to Twilight Sparkle, maybe even stronger, and was a former resident in Ponyville. She was there during the events of Mysterious Mare-Do-Well, when she was rescued by one of the Mane Six as the masked vigilante, and started idolizing the mare. However, she quickly disappeared following the Mare-Do-Well Celebration when Mare-Do-Well disappeared after Rainbow Dash chased her off. When she didn't hear from the hero again, Aurora came to the conclusion that Rainbow Dash was responsible for the disappearance, dubbing her a jealous menace. Before she could learn the truth, she left Ponyville and attended a magic school, gaining all the power she needed to challenge Rainbow Dash herself. She took up the identity of Mare-Do-Well in order to accomplish her goal of rescuing the real Mare-Do-Well, and punish Rainbow Dash for her 'crime'. Yet she fails to realize that Mare-Do-Well was just used to teach a lesson, but by the time Aurora learns the truth, Rainbow Dash will have already paid for her supposed crime. Despite her misguided quest, Aurora is still a good pony that, despite having mixed views on how to fight crime such as doing it with fame and fortune on the side, she will easily know when she's gone too far and will do anything to correct it, even if it means beating the sense into her victims.


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