Since starting his music career after retiring form the business world since the entire Equestria affair, Crane's brother Kevin a.k.a Qu Dan and his band The Diamond Long Bills' Universal Tour have become a great sucess. When a Battle of the Bands contest is being held in the Dragon Realms, all rock-and-roll, pop and hip hop music lovers are competing including Musa (Winx Club) herself who wants to help Kevin's band win the competition. But a rival band known as the Wild Komodos wants Musa to help them win and would do almost anything to have her in their band including kidnapping her. The band Leader of the Komodos Trash-Boat is even voliently interested to have all other bands, (their rival included) killed off so he and his gang are winners by default. But The Lougers have a plan to counter the Wild Komodo's cheating streak and save both Kevin's music career and Musa's butt from them: Spongebob, Danny, Jimmy, Timmy, Po, Alex, Marty, Donkey, Puss, Iago, Icky, Mushu, Tai, Matt, Agumon, Gabumon, Mantis and Crane start their own band called the "Shell Louge Boys" and compete with the Diamond Longbills.