With the Dark Dragon sealed away and Chang now in control of the Scourge Empire until Chang find away to undo the spell, Eagle Beak requests the Council to have his memory of his time in that vaillin team as well as the episodes he stared in as a villain as if they all never happened and desided to make amends to Twilight and Taiku for everything he put them through as well as Gary for making him a pawn in his own blind attempted conspiracy to counter the return of Nightmare Moon. Although, the High Council admit they're confused why he wants to forget by magic. Eagle Beak explains that some things can't be so easily forgotten by just forgetting it happened. Though Eagle Beak leaves disappointed when Ignitus insisted redemption can't be short-cutted through magic that easily, and somethings are to be done by your own. However, Clare Buckington still sees Eagle Beak as her ticket to surprime popularity and plans to recorrupt him! However, Alice plans to seriously humiliate Clare into giving up her ambitions for good with every humiliating prank in the book with Taiku, Twilight and Spike's help as well as giving Clare the medieval flank-kicking that is coming to her for a LONG time.

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