After the Villain Leage gave their information about Clockwerk's Ghost, Spyro and Kairi soon begin to see that Clockwerk really is back and out for revenge after Kairi's musicbox make him visible. He plans to pick off the lougers one by one in order to get to Kairi and he uses Penelope for the job after helping her escape prison after our heroes foiled Kailass's plans. there is a problem however, Clockwerk's ghost may not even be legit! it may be an laytberate plot by an allience by the leage and the scougre empire with Eagle-Beak having another permission from Dark Dragon for another attempt to desimate the lougers for good by using a "ghost" of an imfamous owl, and it was just another exquse to kidnap Kairi for the sake of reviving a familier dead horse. But this secret allience hasent gone unnoticed by a familier gang of cunning master theives. When the cooper gang warn the lougers and Kairi about the laytberate plot, a possible allience with the cooper gang and inerpol will tip the odds of destorying the Leage and Scourge Empire's allience while finally bringing Eagle Beak to justice in their favor.