The final Battle has begun, Kairi, Spyro, The Cooper Gang and a selected Group of Lougers are ready to defeat Clockwerk and Penelope at the very place where it all started: Clockwerk's Volcano Lair in Russia. It won't be an easy fight but victory will only happen if each hero did his and her part to help in the fight. However, All this time, the real ghost of Clockwerk was nothing but a Dr. Nefarious con! He and team Nefarious made up the ghost and suckered Penelope into this just to be jerks! But Inerpol, Rachet, Clank and Carmalita arrive to save the day and put Nefarious behind bars!  Looks Like Nefarious and his team are about to get a really big can of villain whoop on their buttocks and it's back to Prison 42 for Nefarious and Lawrence while the other members of Team Nefarious are placed in the coustidy of their home worlds!