The Heroes Act and the Grand Council are called into the Original UUniverses on a mission as there has recently been an unauthorized sale of a thousand pounds of aquagens, an AUU best-selling legal drug that is capable of granting 24 hours of aquatic respiration. And who was the best to sell this illegally-shipped product than Kenny the Cat, the cat that SpongeBob and Sandy ended up humiliating. He explains that he was an outcast in his homeland because he was obsesses with water, something that cats are natural enemies of. In order to prove his friends and his 9 brothers wrong, he decided to do several things that ultimately ended when he was kicked out of Bikini Bottom. Humiliated in a similar fashion to SpongeBob when he wished to fly, he decided to ultimately endorse the aquagen sales, giving full approval of the product. When the Lodge discovers Kenny's past, Sandy is forced to make it up to him after being a jerk to him, and also to try and convince him to stop this illegally-run business. But because of what occurred with him after she kicked him out of Bikini Bottom, he refuses to do so. When this leads to the risk of him getting arrested, Sandy decides to set things right however she can by taking this up to the big tycoon himself, the dianoga-like Jagom von ger Bathyms and his flying jellyfish associates. But what she does ends up making things worse as Kenny is arrested and sent to jail. Since everybody blames it on her, Sandy decides to do this on her own. However, storming into the business herself gets her captured. But not before she is able to send a homing signal that alerts her friends to the business' location. While Sandy is about to be drowned, they must now rescue her, and help her reveal that Jagom wasn't really supporting Kenny and was just using him, seeing him a useless and hopeless aquaphile and never bothered to rescue him, and thus prove him an innocent unknowing pawn, and mend Sandy and Kenny's relationship once and for all.

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