(Note, this is differnet from the canon episode of Dr. Stoddart's return to evil, which is simuler, but the canon episode took a different approuch, and it is minus in the Kairisum factor.)

Since his attempted revenge on the louge plans kept failing and loosing his beloved Louge Destroying Force to Ke-Pa and Kung Khan which is now the Dragon's Army thanks to the lougers and Saldaron being a step ahead by underminging his now lost villain team's existance, Dr. Stoddart's disgrace to the Louge's oc villainy and the loss of his reputation is taking a heavy toll on him.  Dr. Stoddart is on the verge of finaly forsaking his evil ways and finally turn into a good guy. All he needs is a Princess of Heart's caring compasion and an Alicorn Sun Godess's benevolent light to steer him in the right direction. However, His cousin Dr. Morrdart, might not be so willing to let Stoddart forsake evil so easily. Morrdart is extremely clever, and a master of convinently placed traps. But Morrdart is about to learn the hard way that there are others who are more celver then he is. And those others are the brains of the Louge:  Jimmy Neutron, Kolwalski, Izzy and Tucker. Dr. Morrdart is about to make the BIGGEST mistake of underestimating the heroic team of misfits as his cousin did while they make sure that their chance to reform another member of their oc villains rouge gallery isnt going to be wasted. but perhaps it is THEY who underestimate Morrdart?

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