In this episode, it is the day of Professor Eagle-Beak's Trail for all of his crimes against the United Universe, treason, conspericy, and all of the crimes in the episodes he appeared in prior up untill his capture and he is finally gonna face the death penalty while the federation keeps The Dark Dragon Scourge Empire and a few other oc villains involved with him under extreamly heavy surveillance to prevent them from saving Eagle Beak. The Equestrians, even Twilight, Spike, Alice and Taiku are looking forward for Eagle Beak to finally seeing his end, Plus Kairi, Spyro, Sparx, The Nicktoons, Po and the Five have been summoned for jury duty. However, Eagle-Beak simply magicly disappears from the trail and is on the loose again. Aw gees, this guy does not wanna go down.