With Dragons and Non-Pony creatures finally obtaining their elements of harmony which considered the extinction of the crime and sin of the dragons and non-pony creature criminal underworld and stripped of her army of darkness and right to lead as a villain leader by Tyro and Spyro, Violent Fem Fatale has been rendered powerless by Spyro's Zodiac gift and Tyro's Hero Chi. She now curses Spyro for ruining her chance to save  the crime and sin of the dragon and non-pony creatures form extinction. Now she has lost every thing....untill Kung Khan, Su Su and Queen Thorx see Fatale as a new member of the Dragon Army to help them get revenge on Kairi and Spyro for Ke-pa's death. Volient proves to have a strong free spirit, but Kung Khan, easily uses malmituive powers that quickly gain control of her and make her swear allegiance to the New Spyro and Kairi Vengence Seeking Dragon Army, or the vengence seekers for short.