With the Dragon Army now forever renamed as the Spyro and Kairi Vengence Seeking Dragon Army (The Vengence Seekers for Short) and Fatale one of them thanks to Kung Khan's malmituive powers, He, Su Su, Queen Thorx and Fatale are ready to get revenge on Kairi and Spyro for Ke-pa's death, gather oc villains that Spyro and Kairi had beaten and show the United Universe that the New Spyro and Kairi Vengence Seeking Dragon Army is a powerful force to be rekoned. They began by kidnapping Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Rarity and use their Elements of Harmony to create an indestrucable super weapon of war that will not only wipe Spyro and Kairi off the face of the uu but it will have the abillity to use all the powers, skills, abilites, and combined brain power of the lougers (the intelligent ones easly keeps in check the lessers) and even Saldaron's paradoxial powers against them like the leage tried to do before untill the King of Madness ruined everything back in Nicktoons Reunited. Fatale wants to test the new weapon on Equestria and it's Dragon and Non Pony-Nations as her payback on the deaths of Malvolent Flames, Malconent Spark and the dragon and non-pony creature nation's crime, sin and criminal underworld while Kung Khan demands Spyro and Kairi to come ALONE to confront their fates. However, Twilight, Spike, Taiku, The Mu Gang, Riku, Cynder, the lost elements of hamony and even Tyro (Who's got his hero chi all fired up) have no interest in letting Kung Khan, Su Su, Queen Thorx and Fatale use the mane 5 and their elements of harmony as a threat to Spyro, Kairi and everyone in the UU. In fact, Neither do Pred, The Sisters, Zred, and Hidden Shadow who teamed up with Twilight's group (They are almost reformed and are even allowed to slay one more evil dragon while released from the Monestary by Cadence but are to return after they end what they are allowed to do and finally go into retirement from dragon and non-pony slaying), wanting to save Fluttershy and bring an end to Malvolent Flame's clan once and for all, and punish Throx, Su Su, and Kung Khan for recruiting her, and bare/given anti-mind control helmets for everyone to avoid being malmitulated by even Kung Khan's demon powers.