Before Scroop replaced the leage again with yet another oc villain in the form of a rival circus named Circ de Inspiring owned by Ringmaster El Amazeso, There was this original idea.

Circus Zaragoza has come to the Dragon Temple to practice for their big preformance in Canterlot due to the rousing success of their American Tour and if they impress the Celestial Sisters, the Ponies of Canterlot, Equestria's civilized Mythical Creatures and Senitor Tri-Corn, then she will give the european circus their first united universal tour across many established cartoon worlds. Evreyone (The Louge and their friends who agreed to help the circus and Ponyville's Pegasus Ponies who has signed up for it along with the other citizens' help) have their own circus act except for Fluttershy who is still afraid of public humiliation when her poor ability to fly back in her fillyhood years at flightcamp and the tornado windpower stunt from Hurricane Fluttershy and she's still scared of dragons (Dragonshy and Dragon Quest). Rainbow Dash, Viper, Spyro, Kairi, Stefano and Fluttershy's animal friends deside to help her heal her heart aches and find her circus act while Teen Mang, Young Xehanort and Xigbar plan to ruin Fluttershy's confidence and make her heart suffer by exposing all of her fears behind the scenes hoping to capture Spongebob, Spyro and Kairi for Mirage and Master Xehanort's plans while Spyro and Kairi name their trapeze act Trapeze Morado Endriago & Princesa of Corazón with is like Trapeze Americano but with amazing stunts and thrilling tricks.