The Heroes Act is called to deal with a problem concerning a mass weapon-smuggling operation operated by a group of grub-like Teadr 2 beings known as the Gruids. This smuggling operation, called the Gruid Black Market, has been operating for decades until the Grand Council decided enough was enough when a recent high-tech robbery on Planet Mag Ianati for the most powerful of weapons were the final straw. So the Heroes Act must now shut the Black Market down for good, yet they cannot contact the Lodge because they are busy on another mission. So the Heroes Act is on it's own as they travel to the Gruids' home planet to find clues on how to take down the Black Market's CEO, Boss Vo Sozoquilst. But when these Gruids live up to their name of being one of the most powerful race built for combat, especially with dozens of highly-trained individual generals, the Heroes Act needs to find a way to outsmart this powerful race, especially when they are about to sell their stolen weapons to a high bidder in the form of a Grutt crime boss named Gosbuuble the Attacker. Now the Heroes Act must prove that they don't always need the Shell Lodge to defeat every enemy they come across.


Coming soon...

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