The Tornado Wind Power race is back in Equestria. This Year, Ponyville's Pegesus Ponys are going to join forces with the airel lougers and their allies that can fly to create the tornado/hurricane creation to  lift the water required for the rainy season up to Cloudsdale. But when Fluttershy's unpleasent memories of flight camp return and becomes the cowardly pegesus pony again, Taiku desides to become her coach to toughen her up until she is able to compete with the other Pegasus ponies while promising to be as gentle as a lamb with some help from Discord, Angel and her various animal friends. However, stakes are risen when Spitfire's attention is turned to a rival team (But by all means not here to be evil or anything), Pegi ponies from fillydelpia, lead by a very high-strong and cocky old flight shcool and half-rival of Rainbow Dash in friendly terms Speeding Grace, who has intentions to be the one to break the record, and maybe become a wonderbolt out of this.