Icky's Gambling Crisis is the 3rd Episode of the 1st Season of the SpongeBob and Friends Epic Chronicles series. Icky goes to a casino with Prince Scorpo and his other gambling friends, as he is joined by Iago and, of all people, Deadpool, as he was hired to kill a sadistic crime boss nearby. While they are doing this, they are confronted by a new gambler in town in the form of a notorious town gambler named Black-Jack Betts, who ends up beating them countless times as they lose money, even ending up betting charity money and constantly angering the Lodgers. When the group starts to wonder how Jack is so good at card games, it's revealed that he used to be notorious until he was caught cheating, and was eventually hired by the crime boss Deadpool is after, Boss Pegasus, who was notorious for putting hundreds of casinos out of business through hiring the best gamblers in the Dragon Realms, and eventually set his sights onto the Dragon Temple's charity, which was loaded. If Icky and the gang don't stop this soon, they'll go completely broke.


Coming soon...

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