The Lodgers and the Heroes Act meet up in a C&C Restaurant at a Tessellate Mall to read the Omninet reviews of each other's UUniverses after they have been reviewed of every detail by Tathy Jezzable, an investigative journalist for the Dimensional Journalist Bureau, a new column for the Omninet paper headquartered on Planet Tinter. They were called there by the Grand Council, and Tathy's dedicated herself as a speaker for the people of the AUU, and the Lodgers fear that a bad review will ruin them in the eyes of the AUU. So Tathy sends in her 6 Cunone assistants to follow them during their missions, as well as reviewing previous AUU missions. All 6 have their own views, some disliking their methods, others admiring their way of life and enjoying their humor. But when the biggest concerns stem around the negativity concerning magic being used to solve all problems at a count of 94 times, as well as a few other screw-ups, the Lodgers fear that their worries might come true. How will this review play out?


Coming soon...

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