SpongeBob feels depressed, cause of the countless bad events that happened throughout both canon and uncanon series, feels like he wants to just go home to Bikini Bottom to spend the rest of his cartoon days there and leaves everything to Spyro. A guardian angel, Tman's DevilantArt alter fanmake making ego, Dragonfire92379, or named D.A., is sent by the Council of Light to show Spongebob what it would be like if he never founded the lougers and existed in an United Universes where oc villainy and crime is controlled by the Villain Leage/Darkspawn with Cobra, Mirage, Dark Cynder and Malefor ruling it all with an iron fist and unopposed as hero teams and other forces of good being hunted to near extinction except for a rebellion to oppose them lead by Kairi who doesn't remember anything form her past or who she is in this alternate reality. To worse things off, if Spongebob choose to stay unborn, A dark nega-clone called Anti-Taiku will collect him to toss him in a terrorable plain of existence for those who never wished they were born. Can Spongebob get over his personal troubles and finally accept his place in the universe as a hero?

(It's, a charming make-up.)

This is what SpongeBob will sing when he decides to quit the very hero team he has created.

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