Jamanji has been defeated and humiliated by Spyro back in A Zebra and Okapi wedding: The big answer. Now it's his judgement day in the Pride Lands since punishing him for his attemps to scare Shenzi off of being with Banzai and almost ruining Marty and Ania's wedding WILL NOT be ignored this time since Spyro took away his powers with the Zodiac's gift. Just when Simba is about to pass out Jamanji's fate, Spyro desides to give him an extreamily difficult choice. Ether stright out his act, accept Shenzi being with Banzai and go on the path of redemption or be doomed to rot in the underworld insted of being exiled form Africa forever.

(This is what Spyro will sing to reform Jamanji and stright out his love-hating act)