Jeffrey Dragonheart

Jeffrey Dragonheart

Jeffrey Dragonheart is the main character of the Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures series.

He's a very super smart 24 year old autistic human/dragon hybrid who wishes for adventure. So he goes looking for it with his Pokemon Pikachu and Meowth. His friends Mitsuki and Nathan go with him.

Eventually, he meets characters like Pooh, Simba, Spongebob, Spyro, Cynder, Sparx and many others. He even shares a brother-like friendship with Jaden Yuki.

In Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures of Monsters vs. Aliens, Jeffrey becomes the adopted father of Xion. He is also the husband of Aqua.


  • Jeffrey is a original character made by tigerman531.
  • Jeffrey has the power to turn into a dragon when he gets angry. He has many other incredible powers, which almost makes him a god. (Well, not really. But i think you get the idea.)
  • The type of dragon Jeffrey transforms into is called a Skytsengel. (Norweigan for "guardian angel".)
  • Although he doesn't appear in the Spongebob & Friends' Adventures Series (and most likely won't), Jeffrey Dragonheart is well known by the Shell Lodge Squad as one of the United Universe's most famous heroes.

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