Ever since all of his misfortunes that lead to him being stripped of his leadership and banished from the villain leage along with his leopard minions and being hunted down by Chrysalis for robbing her of her beloved Lord Cobra, a now regretful Junjie has learned a valuable lesson too late, Never Cry Extreme-Wolf. Recalling Lord Cobra's attempt to erase the Lougers from history, the now determined madfox decides to use the Time Master's staff to rewrite history...again, restore Lord Cobra to the Leage and undo all of his previous extreme-plans and altering them for one purpose; to kill off SpongeBob, get revenge on Shifu, Po and the Five, eliminate Spyro as the substitute leader and take over the louge for his own needs cause now that he regrets ever pulling an Extreme-Wolf and coup on Cobra, his true ambitions for the louge will eventually be so. However, he'll end up being reminded why he gave up on that one-dimentional plan that already was never garrentied to work cause of "Villain-Hero relation" issues, they fall flat on their faces JUST AS BADLY as his extremisum attempts, and in tecnecally, altering time in such a fastion simular to how Xerxes tried it is tecnecally still extremisum, and any asupposed "amends" is tainted that he is still trying to hurt the Lougers in some way, just much more directly, and it does hurt the leage as well, concerning the paradox doomsday by surely paradox vortexs problem. So, this is just another case of Junjie shooting himself in the foot..... AGAIN. So it certainly didn't took the lougers too long to stop him before his first time screw-up even happen and make him learn another harsh lesson in reality, and get him TO FINALLY STOP IT WITH THAT UNORIGINAL "LEADER OF A HERO TEAMS" THING WHEN HE'S A VILLAIN!? Killing the previous leaders to do it never garrintied loyalty, espeically if it benifits the enemies in some way as well. Suddenly the lougers PREFERED "Extremisum Junjie" more then "Louger Leader Wanna-Be Junjie". At least the first mentioned acknowledged reality.

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