Since the fall of the Dragon Army, Ke-Pa iscolated himself from the Uu searching for a powerful artifact that was created when the Great Cycle was still a problem. Ke-pa had discovered an amazing power to this artifact even Xehanort thought was not completely possible and the Book of Predictions have failed to predict: Who ever possessed it could kill a purple dragon instantly and use that purple dragon's powers to resurrect not only the Destroyer and the Golems from the Deep, but also a powerful army of vile indistructible demon darkspawn warriors and with them rule the entire universe. Now Ke-pa intents to use this new weapon as the key to both Spyro and Po's undoing. Mirage accepts this idea and allows the leage to help Ke-Pa search for it. However, the lougers are aware of this. Since they're worried that the same peach powers ironicly also prevent Ke-Pa from ever harming the valley of peace, and Saldaron warned that if that power was taken away via paradox, Oogway would've been defeated, and there would've been no valley of peace as well as Spyro learning Kung Fu since Spyro protected the valley, the peach tree now protected Spyro. Irreguardless, Spyro is more determin then ever to put a stop to Ke-Pa, Paradox or no Paradox but both Shifu and Kairi are worried that now that the villain teams are uniting under Mirage's banner and if Ke-pa eventully requires the artifact, Spyro putting a stop to him would be suicide. But Spyro has a gameplan. Find the Artifact first, and destroy it for good, rednering Ke-Pa's quest pointless.

(This is what Ke-pa will sing