Kung Khan, Su su Ka-boom and Queen Throx are still the Dragon Army's escaped survivors. With Ke-pa destroyed and the army's oc villainy back in jail, it appears that it's back to square one for Kung Khan. And he has a plan to make those who destroyed Ke-pa's villain team pay for their defeat. Starting with Spyro and Kairi. He uses the left over gold from Ke-pa's endevors in Dragon Army Golden claim to build a new fortress in Radiant Garden, create ancient darkspawn weapons of conquest, summon his demon army and established an unity for any oc villain who hate Spyro and Kairi with a vengence since the other villain teams: Villain Leage/Syndicate of Darkness and Dark Dragon Scourge Empire dare not risk having another establish allience attempt again after what happened last time pluse Nefarious and Lawernce are back in jail with the other members of Team Nefarious are in their homeworld's custody. To prove to the oc villains who hate Spyro and Kairi that they may have a new worthy leader to help them in their revenge seeking agendas, Kung Khan, Su Su and Queen Thorx plan to lay seige on Radiant Garden to make Spyro, Kairi and the other lougers come running! But Kairi's birth parents will not surrender their kingdom without a fight. but, will this end up being the the downfall of Kairi's parents yet again? Not if their daughter, Spyro, The Louge and the Avengers can help it!