The Lodgers fight off a Makuta invasion against the Dark Dragon Scourge on an ancient Makuta ground quarantined by the Grand Council. However, they end up failing and the Grand Council explain that he stole a piece to an ancient Makuta puzzle meant to unlock something beyond their understanding. In order to find out what it is, they'll have to go to the Dark Dragon Scourge Capital of Spherus Magna, and ask it's local heroes, the Toa Nuva, for help. As much as the Lodge is against going to Spherus Magna as the Home Planet of BIONICLE is very unpredictable, they accept the mission. They even get Nivawk for assistance. However, as they approach the planet, they end up trapped in the underwater prison of The Pit, where they are attacked by the natives, yet rescued by the Order of Mata Nui, who are already familiar with the Dark Dragon's theft of the puzzle, and explain that their creator, the Great Spirit Mata Nui, created the puzzle as a near-impossible lock to imprison ancient Makuta superweapons called Moanariri, which were hard to beat during the Brotherhood of Makuta/Dark Hunter War, and take them to Metru Nui and it's leader, the Toa Helryx, where they meet up with the Toa Nuva, as they were currently ordered by the Grand Council to stop the Scourge Empire before the Moanariri are awakened and released. But first, since they have never been to Spherus Magna and know nothing about the Dark Dragon's defenses in his base on Destral, they must learn to overcome them. Will they succeed?

Anewa- To Fall


Chris Daughtry - Crashed03:31

Chris Daughtry - Crashed

Intro (Chris Daughtry- Crashed) Coming soon...

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