Set after the events of The Perfect land of Perfectia Prince Picture Perfect has been magically defeated and reformed by Celestia, Vanity had become Taiku's lover as well as getting a human form by the Great Spirits. During his first date with Vanity, Taiku along with Twilight have desided to tell her and the louge the story of their sinor years in Magic University which is set after Canterlot's recovery after Eagle Beak's Anti-Celestia plans have been ruined, as well as overthrown and banished while Gary and Clare are sent to bootcamp. Twilight and Spike have gotten along with Taiku and his friends with Taiku the new student body president after Gary and Clare's expellsion. Now they are ready to prove they have what it takes to become worthy faithful students of Celestia in the Equestrian Magical Games, an event were the fraternities and sororities of the college compete to see who is the most powerful students in the school. However, a mischieious hate causing hobgoblin named Ramsey Hatesmen, an exspelled former stupent from before Taiku's time, comes form to seek horror venence on the school who kicked him out, and ruin all of the firendships in the University, starting with Twilight and Taiku. But Ramsey will soon discover that his scheme wont be enough to ruin a powerfully strong friendship like Twilight and Taiku's cause they and their friends are putting their practicing for the Magic Games on hold untill they give this mischieious hate causing hobgoblin a medieval style butt-kicking he is soon going to deserve getting.