After Prince Moneybags has been overthrown, expelled from the throne and inprisioned by his Brother (name to be desided by MSM) and King Hippus as punishment for high treason, abuse of power and greed, the Mesohippus are on a slow but starting recovery from Moneybags' tyranny. While the Princesses and the Canterlot Council make reservations to make new homes for the countless Mesohippus populations, Kairi agrees to take most of the mesohippus including Calypso and his family into Radiant Garden as a temporary home for the time being with her parents, Leon and the Gang, Lea, Dilan, Aeleus, Even, Ienzo, Ludor, Myde, Ramaliu, and Erlena pitching in to help. However, an anicent threat resurfaced from the anicent city: A Terror Bird named Blood Beak the Murderer. Thanks from behind the scenes aide from Queen Throx, Blood Beak is in Radient Garden, and already resumed to attack the Mesohippus' like he always did before he was cursed into immortal hybernation. Can Spyro help Kairi and her kingdom stop a rampaging flightless, prehistoric carnivorous bird from attacking the mesohippus using a tactic he learned from Spy-gro while he, Kairi and their friends where in the Ice Age about wrestling Terror Birds?