His plan to give Mang the justice he thought was coming to him backfired in The Anti Mang Cobra Assuisation., robbed of his xenophobic organization back in The Anti Mang Cobra Assusiation's Downfall, and quickly stopped from attempting to soil Mang's reformed name completely by framing for him for inspeakable crimes with Mu Cu Bu's help  back in Unjustifyable, Mung Cu's anger and hatred for not just Mang but Spyro and Tyro destroying everything he had for his quest for Mang's Comuppence has reached it's burning point as well as it's limit, a limit that might ultimatly drive him into the dark side. Sari sees this as a chance to create a new Lord Cobra for the leage and maybe hook Chrysalis up with him. Sari uses malmituive powers and words like Maleficent and Fake Ansem's manipulation of Riku to drive Mung Cu into the darkside even further by reminding him what he lost in the past thanks to Spyro and his friends. However, This is also not gonna be Sari's day let again, cause thanks to Mang still being a cheeky sneak, a girl Mung Cu always liked Si Su Xiao, has been made fully aware that Mung Cu suffered that everyone was ignorent of the good heart he had because of what Mang did shortly after apologizing for his sins to her with some help from Tyro, and intervine the further downfall, and in a bonus, earn and regain his brother's love as well as his respect again while revealing Sari's volient nature in front of Mung Cu, ruining and destroying Sari's control over him.