Prince Derek and Marina have their own filly named Harmony, who had grown up being fascinated by sea life, yet ends up being threatened by a creation of Geogra in the form of a manta-like humanoid beast named Mantrek, who wants to get his hands on the Trident of Benevolence and taint it into a more powerful weapon, all while using Harmony as a way of getting it. While Marina originally thinks that keeping Harmony out of the sea will solve it, the Lodge convinces her against this because, given their experiences with Ariel's family while fighting off one of Team Nefarious' plans, it wouldn't end well for them. So, not wanting something like that to occur, Marina instead has a safe boundary built around the island to limit Harmony's travels. However, Harmony has no fear of this threat because Marina becomes a little too overprotective. Since Harmony is enthusiastic and a little prideful, she ends up becoming curious as to what else is beyond the boundary, and when Marina ends up going too far with her over-protectiveness, Harmony decides to disobey her and go beyond the boundary to prove she can take care of herself. But despite being harmless at first, Mantrek's shark henchmen capture her and he casts a curse on her that threatens to take away her merpony heritage permanently if she doesn't do as he says, and thus she is ordered to get the Trident of Benevolence. So the Lodgers must find a way to stop Mantrek before he ends up taking over Equantica.


Coming soon...

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