It's the Nickelodeon/Paramount Originos, and SpongeBob and his Nicktoon friends are having a great time celebrating, all with their Lodger friends. However, mysterious things occur in their homeworlds. A mysterious force has rounded up all of the Nicktoons' enemies and united into the new villain team called the Nickelodeon Scourge. This new villain team have unleashed the most unexpected things to the Nicktoons. Now, the Krabby Patty Formula is gone and Bikini Bottom goes into another apocalypse, the Fairly OddParents world knows about fairies, Jimmy Neutron's world is under control of King Goobot, Danny Phantom's world is under a Ghost infestation, Eliza Thornberry once again loses her ability to talk to animals as the secret was mysteriously leaked, Tak's enemy Tlaloc is back to being human and wreaks havoc again, Otis and his friends are exposed as talking animals, the world of Avatar has been completely taken over by the re-evilised Fire Nation back under the control of Ozai, and many others, all while having only one piece of evidence: slime. The Nicktoons now have to unite once again and find out what caused these things to happen to them, and who is leading this mysterious new villain team.


Coming soon...

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