The heroes have discover the leader of the Nickelodeon Scourge. He is a large orange slime monster named Slyme-Nick, a direct descendant of the creator of Nickelodeon slime, and it's many variants such as the corruptive slime of Battle for Volcano Island, and is a close cousin to Globulous Maximus. He has discovered another magic story-changing book similar to the one in the SpongeBob world, except it is a magical lost book called The Nick Book, capable of controlling all Nickelodeon worlds through quantum-based magic. He has used this book to commit all the atrocities in the worlds for the sole purpose of destroying them until they are chaotic enough for him to use his corruptive slimy slag to remake it in his own glorious image, already seeing them as chaotic and intolerably nonsensical, and thus believes he is the only one they should look up to as he thinks he knows better than them. Now, the process of 'The Sliming' has already begun as the fabric of the worlds is fading away as Slyme's slime drones are beginning to infect and destroy. The Lodgers know they can't possibly fend off all worlds on their own, and even their backup is getting captured and defeated quicker. Thus, their only hope is to try and defeat Slyme despite his growing power, or even try and convince him that maybe being 'chaotic' and 'nonsensical' is nothing to be ashamed of, as that's why they exist in the first place. But with Slyme being hard to convince, how will they stop him?


Coming soon...

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