Spongebob and Spyro are at full power reuniting with the louge! They have join forces with the original Amoral: The Master Overlord Computer, the lost king of the Amoral and the answer of cleansing the corruption and obcession of the rest of the Amoral. With his help, they undid the alterations by SGD, cleanse the corrution of the Amoral council, now turning against SGD, who released the suprime parental units, and returned the Original Grad Designer back to normal. The Master Overlord is vastly too powerful for SGD to outfox or overcome.... SGD is basicly doom to defeat, just like any other over-comident villain. But a huge surprise awaits the louge when SGD's defeat and the cleansing of the corruption leads to Spongebob and Spyro becoming the new heads of the Amoral Empire with MOC, GD, the SPU and The Amoral Council bowing to them as well as SGD finally seeing the light, SGD's forces surrendered to the two heroes with their full power. Hey, keep what you defeat and reform right?

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