Spe-Ron's own darkness is destroyed, granting him unbelieveable powers, greater then even both Spyro and Malefor combined is gone thanks to Spyro's awakened power within his hero's chi, his luck had horrorably turned against him and his plan to ignit the great cleansing as punishment to the dragon realms for rejecting him, and to set an exsample to the rest of the worlds that, for once and for all, Spe-Ron is indeed the most powerful dragon ever failed. Now Spyro has to finish him off while he is on the verge of crumbling and broken so there won't be another continuing oc villain/rival to worry about..... However, Spyro didn't have it in him to destroy or kill Spe-ron, his good heart prevents that, but at the same time, what the hell is he gonna do with him? Spyro is desperate of finding a way to eliminate Spe-Ron as a threat without taking his life cause of conflicting morals. So Spyro desides to spare Spe-Ron and give him a fatal choice, ether reform and forsake his ambition to become something he's not or be banished from the worlds and spend the rest of eternity alone as the Realm of Oblivion's latest resident. Even though everyone in the UU, even the Lougers are eager to see Spe-Ron finally meet his end, even they cant win against Spyro's good heart as well as Kairi's compassionate one when she steps in to help Spyro prove to them that there is a good heart in Spe-Ron.

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