Sequel to The Hearts of Hatred.

Just when Spyro and the lougers are spit out of luck thanks to what Pei Mai has pulled with the ressurection of Xehanort, Fake Ansem, Xenmas, and Young Xehanort, the villain teams have arrived to save the day. How is it possible? It seemed that Professor Eagle-Beak of the Scourge Empire had discovered Pei Mai's extreme plan from the start thanks to spying magic and fears for the future now that the Darkness Seekers are back and for very good reason too! He urges the Dark Dragon to gather the Villain Leage, Team Nefearious and even the releuctant Ke-pa to save Spyro and the others from the HOH. There is one goal this latest villain and hero allience has now: Rid the UU of former darkspawn lord that is Xehanort and his followers forever and send Pei Mai's sorry monkey ass to the Realm of Oblivion and dispan the Hearts of Hatred perminatly!

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