This is a concept song based on Paraboss the Yu-Gi-Ho version of Beelzeboss for a fanmake sequel fo Spyro Generations where Spyro reunites with his classic younger version and meets his Skylanders counterpart who must team up to save the united universe from an ancient powrful time altering race lead by a Darkspawn from another time who plans to re-write history by wipping out Spongebob's existance so the Louge was never founded or came to be. (Well Tman, it's long after chrismas, so where is it?)

Modren Spyro: There's just no way that we can win

his magic's way too powerful

He fights too well because he's a darkspawn and a Timoral

Skylanders Spyro: Listen, both of you!

He was gonna rewrite history

He was going to erase the Sponge from existance, his team of misfits with him and wipe out all good gods and heroes and create an all darkspawn universe.

(Classic Spyro: Never!)

Unless we combind our powers

find his weakness and

break his egotistic pride to peices

Modren Spyro: Guys, we've been through so much stuff.

Classic Spyro: Had to listen to that Flynn guy's poor rapping.

Skylanders Spyro: Yeah, that was rough.

All three: Now it's time to take this sucker down!

Classic Spyro: Come on guys!

Now it's time to blow doors down!

Modren Spyro: I hear you, classic me

Now, it's time to blow doors down!

Skylanders Spyro: Get your stuff ready

cause it's time for a showdown!

Classic Spyro: We'll bend them over

then we'll take them around town!

All Three: Now we got to take this sucker down!

Modren Spyro: I'm gonna lose Kairi, Spongebob and my family forever

if we do not blow doors down!

Classic Spyro: Come on, you guys

Now it's  time to blow doors down!

Skylanders Spyro: My fireballs will make sure that

he wont take us down!

All three: Lalalalalalalalalala

Emperor Paradox: No, this can't be happening I played my cards right now!

Modren Spyro: We're gonna beat ya, Emperor Paradox!

No doubt about it.

being a hero rocks!

Skylanders Spyro: That's the sad truth, about villains my firend  

I'd hate to tell you this 

but they always lose in the end!

Classic Spyro: That's right you have just messed with the wrong team

But Not just anyone,

We're the Shell Louge Squad!

(Modern Spyro: "Tecnecly that's just me, but it's part of the song, why not?")

All three: For the Shell Louge Squad (x17)

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