King Julien's "Love Potion" scam plan to end King Ba-zo and Queen Masauri's forced marrige on Melman and Gloria, the banishment/exicution threat on the other lougers and the ponies, as well as ending their nations' feud using Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy for the job and exposing Archduke Lord Marion Spotty Tallneck and Captain Fattybutt for the plotting traitors they are back in Traditions against love had become a huge sucess in the most unbelievible way! Now Julien, Dashie and Fluttershy have become heroes to both the Giraffe and Hippo Nations of The Dragon Realm's verson of Africa and invite them to witness a unity and a truce between the nations being established with Spyro, Sparx, Kairi, Cynder, Qui, Twilight, Spike, Taiku, Princess Cadence, Alice, Louis, Melman, Gloria, Alex, Marty, Aina the Okapi and the Penguins tagging along. Though there is still some very BIG things to work out. For exsample, the Giraffes are very strict and uptight on cleaniness and health protocalls, while the hippos are, generally the oppisite. Alot more carefree and embracing of filth and are doubtful that something as small as germs can actselly harm them. It helps VERY little that the con artest Meerkat Simon and his sidekick Pambuu are trying to scare the Giraffes and Hippos back to hating eachother with stories like "The African spirits are angry with this unity" and "The Lougers have doomed them" and the like. But the biggest one that ironicly ends up being true, is that the cursed Elephant Spirit of hate Majawa the Rouge Spirit is coming to destroy the nations. However Simon and Pambuu's plan to scare the giraffes and hippos back into their feud with their "African Spirits Are Angry with the Unity" hogwash backfires when their good established cousins, Timon and Pumbaa along with Simba and Rafiki themselfs show up and discovered their little lying con from the start, and deside to give Simon and Pambuu a taste of their own medicine by calling upon Majawa's enemy, the African Cape Buffalo Spirit of Justice, Haki the Justice Bringing Spirit summoned by Rafiki's magic to give Simon and Pambuu their commuppence and forced them to tell the nations the truth about their plan and most importantly scare them out of the Dragon Realms version of Africa for good leaving the two Nation's established truce and unity in peace.