Since losing to Tai in The Dragon Realm's version of Vegas back in Tai's Gambling Addictions II, Prince Aitchi is still determined to make Kairi his future bride-to-be. So he gets his Kingdom's council to make an offer to Kairi's parents that they cant refuse while he sends Simon and Pambuu to find a witch that brews love potions hoping that she will fall in love with him once she drinks one. However, his trickery had not gone un-noticed, for it was known by Queen Throx and Su Su Ka-Boom. They sought to use Aitchi's chidlesh greed against him and get incredable fonding for the D Army by having Throx pretend to be Kairi and, actselly professes love to him. Pirncey fell for it hook, line, and sinker, disbaned the council's order, had Simon and Pambuu to cancel the love potion, thinking Kairi has done it on her own. Throx and Su Su are about to become very rich from the most gulliable human prince of one of the islands of desteny islands. But this trickey wasent the only thing gone unoticed, Lord Shen and Cynder has spied on Thorx and Su su and discovered ther little plan before it can begin.