Shen and Cynder's interfearence made no difference. Thorx and Su Su still got Aitchi hook, line, and sucker. When the wedding happened, Throx and Su Su surprised Aitchi the very last minute, robbed him of his entire fortune, Throx called him a childesh, foolesh, greedy idiot, and left him poor and hurt. What's worse, his own parents declaired him a disgrace, and had him removed as next in line, from royalty, and exsiled. with only Pambuu and Simon now, Aitchi went from famed prince, to the worlds most idiotic nobody and laughing stock. Kung Khan, very pleased with Thorx and Su Su's deceitful deed moves in to overthrow Aitchi's parents and take over their kingdom for the Dragon Army thanks to the powerful weapons they bought for the chinese demons and darkspawn with Aitchi's entire fortune. and to top it off in the worse meter, a indepent minded Demon in Kung Khan's ranks named Su Po the dispicable corrupted Aitchi into becoming his host body, with the side-effect of Aitchi having dark magic now, and soughts to become a demon overlord of his own right.