With Atichi's parents and council fooled by Throx and Su Su along with their Kingdom under Dragon Army Territory, Kung Khan plans to turn their palace into a seige weapon factory capable of striking fear into the hearts of the UU but Su Po has other plans. He is still in his increadable become an independent demon overlord thing and soughts extreme power. But thanks to his overcomidence, Simon and Pambuu were forced out of fear to warn the lougers of what is going on! Can Spyro, a selective group of lougers and even Kairi help Atchi's parents and the council win back their kingdom from the Dragon army, free Atichi from Su Po, put him in his rightful place and help them earn Atchi's forgivness and/or get him to finally let go of Kairi and his own silly and childest ambitions for that's only gonn a have him be misused by more villains, and get even with the Dragon Army and Queen Thorx and Su Su?