Prince Scorpo

Prince Scorpo Forrest Apu

Prince Scorpo F. Apu is a Thick-tailed Scorpion who was born a prince of an Arabian-like scorpion colony on Pastoon and he was once the heir to his father's throne. But Scorpo didn't want to be king, and wanted to live a much better life. So when he was able to convince them, his parents let him go out to the world and make his own living. After leaving his old friend Adrian Sheensworth to have his hand chopped off and presumably stoned in Agrabah, he left his cousin to be one of his assistants at his mansion. He soon took a life of gambling, and became an acquaintance of the Shell Lodge Squad, especially Icky. He made friends with two Tasmanian Devil brothers named Bruce and Hugh, and two Siamese rattlesnakes named Roy and Soy, and Icky and his cousin, Tzzy.


Coming soon...

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