When Kairi gets an invitation to spend a feiw weeks in Canterlot, she gets the royal treatment with Twilight and Spike sitting her while adjusting her roots as a princess. Celestia and Luna descide to throw another Grand Galloping Gala with Taiku, Princess Alice and the rest of Twilight's college friends coming and decide to have Kairi host it to see if she has what it takes to become a full fledged princess. But Kairi is facing the same problem Twilight had when she feared about passing or failing her test to save the Crystal Empire but in Kairi's case leaning everything about royalty from gowns, shoes, tiaras, proper princess behavior e.c.t. However things dont go as planned when The rude dragon teens from season 2 and the diamond dogs from season 1 are simple henchmen hired by Dr. Nefarious to invade the palace, crash the party and finally make Kairi his queen while taking over an entire nation and proving to Malefor and his non darkspawn father that he is 10 times the darkspawn lord he is in the progress. Only Spyro, Sparx, Twilight, Spike, Taiku, Alice, the Celestial Sisters, Shining, Cadence and the MU Gang can save her. Plus big surprises are on the way reguarding Twilight revealing her Alicorn form and who the bearers of the other 5 Elements of Harmony that where taken by Captain Taiklar: Courage, Guidence, Compassion, Sincerity and Faith.

(To Scroop: Lightning Dust and those oc ponies are a good idea but I have something eles for the bearers of the 5 lost elements in mind)