An: This is the original story with some new surprises before Scroop descided to make it the very first ever short "just for fun" mini-episodes just there for a quick chuckle and replaced the second part of the finale with Pinkie's New Rival.

The female centaur pirate, Serenia has become the new captain of the crew of the now gold satue turned Blot, while they are marooned on Madagascar. But they get rescued by a pirate crew lead by Serenia's eldest sister, Captain Jessica and her first mate, Silverfoot Billy, who desides to help her sister get her revenge on Spyro and Kairi by joining with Eagle-Beak who is planning to make his return to Equestria with his backup plan incase the rebellion backfired or Celestia and her allies stuck their noses into his plans which lead to the griffin wizard's exposal as a traitor, his attempt to become the King of Equestria foiled by Taiku and Twilight and his 10 year banishment shortly after Celestia and Drakesis prevented Twilight, Spike and Taiku's expulsion from the university, and allowed them back and Princess Alice and her friends were accepted into the magic program the next semester as Nyra, Celestia and the Dragon King were impressed with their performance in the magic games. Meanwhile, Twilight, Taiku and Princess Alice have been invited to attend their Magic University reunion, and look forword to a good time. However Eagle Beak strikes by turnning both Twilight and Taiku....EVIL!!!! They succeed in betraying Celestia by defeating her, allowing Eagle Beak to finally become king and have all of Equestria invaded by monsters and warriors made out of candy which he created during his 10 year exile while Celestia and Alice are prisoners while Luna, Shining, Cadence, The Mane 5 and the C.M.C manage to escape and flee to Ponyville. And to make matters even more worse, Serenia, Jessica and their crew have captured Spongebob forcing Spyro and Kairi to face them alone while the lougers and jungle adventure crew go to Equestria's aid. 

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