Without a powerful time wizard like Time Overlord on their side, Saldaron's attempts to ensure that Sari and Spe-ron's change to cheat their way into power wont happen is easy street for him like the other oc villain teams he prevented from cheating their way into power. Spyro and Kairi are ready to face Sari and Spe-ron who have their own army armed with powerful weapons of conquest while Spyro and Kairi have The Kung Fu Panda Gang, Saldaron, Taldaron, Tyro, Mang, Aqua, Ven, Terra, Zi Long, Master Chao, Ox, Croc and the Zodiac on their side. But Sari and Spe-ron wont surrender their revenge/power seeking ambidtions to Saldaron's time changing abilities so easily without a strong defensive fight and like the final battle between our Heroes and the Dragon Army, this hard intense battle of Season 2's finale is about to get extreamly unpleasent and very, VERY messy. Alcourse, Saldaron, desiding this might be still dangerious either way, desides that if would be alot easier to make it that Sari and Spe-ron hated eachothers guts litterally from the very start, he'll wager it will make Sari and Spe-ron think twice before teaming up and cheat their way to revenge on their enemys again.