Ever Since the Episodes that involved her as Darkness Qui, Senitor Qui's been regreating everything she's done and been making amends since she's still in power as the Dragon Realm's Senitor. The next in the list of amens to the former Darkness Qui's victims is the dragonqus nation. But before King Wacky and Queen Pranks deside to accept Qui's apology for what she pulled back in Discord's Dilemma which was stopped by Cynder, Riku, Shen and Saldaron and let bygones be bygones, They deside to give Qui a little test to prove that she is willing to earn the draconqus clan's trust and they in turn will forgive her. The test? The defeating of the Draconduus land beast-boar that is norouriously terratorial. Qui admitingly, wouldn't mind alittle help from Cynder, her slected group of lougers, Spike and only the Mane 5 since Twilight's still got some princess duties on her hooves.

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