Scarlet Flame is a Wonderbolt who rescued Rainbow Dash when she was young, and she became one of the many ponies who inspired her to become a Wonderbolt, as she owed her ultimate membership to her. However, something happens that changes the way she views herself. Scarlet has ultimately fallen into infamy as the Wonderbolts are called to turn Scarlet in for murder of all things. Rainbow Dash became distraught and hesitant as a pony she trusted and looked up to would do something so awful, and started denying it, wishing to prove her innocent. However, as the mission goes on, she discovers that this would sound like something she would do. Scarlet was revealed to be a more negative version of herself. A pony who was prideful and always liked to win, show off, and prove she was the best. She had negative thoughts on the Wonderbolt's ways of life as the years passed. She had a lot of respect and was heralded in her earlier years for her competitiveness and enthusiasm. But as the years passed, that changed into pride, and when she was ultimately disciplined and insulted for the last time, denied of a lifetime goal and being made a mockery by her teammates, and a bully going too far by referencing her demeaning name of 'Scarlet Pain', her last straw was up and she murdered the bully. Now she is off and planning to become part of Wind Rider and Svengallop's circle, if she can do one thing: get rid of Rainbow Dash. When denial is no longer an option, Rainbow Dash ultimately thinks about quitting the Wonderbolts because she felt all but betrayed. Spitfire tries to convince her otherwise as she shouldn't let a fallen idol be her downfall, and given her experiences with Wind Rider, she should know that, and just remember anypony who lets you down by what they did right, and not by what they did wrong, despite Rainbow Dash saying that Wind Rider wasn't that much of an inspiration to her as Scarlet was. Will Rainbow Dash put aside her disappointment and have the nerve to bring down one of the ponies she looked up to?

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