Sequel to The Lost Wing of Fort Leage. The Louge thought they'd seen the last of the unexpected horrors of the hidden secret hallways and rooms within Xehanort's room, and finally put Xehanort's evil spirit beast to rest right? Well think again! Another apparition has appeared  in the wing he used to reside, mainly in his old room and has aductded Spyro, Shen and the Nicktoons. Now Sora, Donald, Goofy, Iago, Ickey, Alex, Marty, The Penguins, Po and the Five deside to go back into Xehanort's haunted and abandoned hallways and rooms to resuce Shen, Spyro and the Nicktoons before the ghost comes after the other lougers who were involed last time while Mirage, the leage and their new allies, relucently alcourse for obvious reasons like they don't normally even LIKE the lougers, and aren't very thrilled of the ghost of Xehanort, volenteer to go with Sora's group to investigate the situation.