After a failed attack on Futurasia thanks to the Lodge, Roboface ends up being captured by Team Nefarious, and at the mercy of Dr. Nefarious, who thinks his views are very stupid, and plans to execute him. However, the Loadsby Squad rescue him and they escape. He escapes to Planet Servos, a world in the Solana Galaxy which is populated mostly by robots. Nefarious sends Taotie and his son there to find him as punishment for causing the mistake that lead to their escape. But when they do find them, they discover that they have quite a thing in common. Taotie wishes to prove that machinery is better than a martial art, while Roboface wishes to prove that machinery is the best power in the AUU, and technically better than any martial art. Thus, they decide to invade Futurasia again by combining their skills. Thus they create a new war machine that combines and enhances each other's skills. Even when his son is reminding his father of his mission, Taotie explains that he'll figure that out later. When Nefarious hears of them attacking Futurasia together, he admonishes Taotie for disobeying him. When the argument ultimately results in Taotie quitting Team Nefarious, this leads to the risk of Nefarious going to harm others just to get him back like he did with Garble and his friends. The Lodgers get word of this, and they must now find a way to resolve this before Futurasia and Servos are caught in the crossfire, all with the help of the Team-Nefarious Freedom Fighters.


Coming soon...

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